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How To Use Our New Online SLFS Ticketing Service – Step-by-Step

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Want To Buy Tickets? We have a new system so let us help you below.

Here’s how you can get tickets online for Broadway in theater screenings:

1. Head over to (if you aren’t already there!)

2. Sign In to your account, or set up a new account.  If you have used our before then you won’t need to set up an account, just SIGN IN using your email.  Otherwise you will need to set up an account, but you’ll only need to do it this first time and then you’ll be set.  

2. Click on movie on the right side

3. Click on Get tickets +donate underneath the trailer

4. Pick your showtime and and buy tickets.

Thank you for your patience since this is a new system and we’re still working out the kinks.  If you have any questions or issues you can email  You will also be able to buy tickets online inside the theater lobby at the Broadway.  

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Go to and click “Give the gift of cinema” in the upper right corner.  Choose how many recipients and then how many tickets.  Then enjoy giving amazing cinema experiences to friends and family! 

Open Caption Wednesdays

Open Caption, All Films, Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday we will be screening all films with Open Captioning.  This is a part of our mission to provide independent film to all in our community. Please note that some films do not have open captioning available.  We’ll let you know if a film does not have open captioning available.  

The Reopening of the Broadway Centre Cinemas

The Reopening of the Broadway Centre Cinemas – Brought to You by Love!

Ahem. Here we are. Really. 

Five hundred and eighty-nine days after last being open, we will finally be showing films again at the Broadway. We are over-the-moon excited and a little nervous; it feels huge.

We are so grateful to you for all the love you’ve shown us and we can’t wait to see you again. 

What follows will detail (click on heading to jump ahead):

Films That Will Be Opening

Health And Safety Guidelines

What We’re Asking Of You

What’s Up With The Tower

What Will Happen To SLFS@home

-Other Useful Info You Might Need

There are so many people to thank. We send our deepest gratitude to all of you who have wished and worried on our behalf. Your concern and your love have sustained us. Thank you to everyone who donated at any point during the 589 days, whether by sending a check, setting up a recurring donation, tacking a couple of bucks onto an online screening payment or member renewal, or contributing to a challenge grant – thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We felt great love from you and a great responsibility to get this whole thing right and make our way back to you as whole and as soon as possible.

The SLFS team is forging the future of this organization and giving their hearts to the mission. They all have worked tirelessly through the pandemic to keep our programs moving in the digital space and toward this historic moment of reopening our beloved Broadway.

We will bring our immense joy and your strong confidence in SLFS along with us as we finally, finally, walk back through our doors and begin in all the many ways, some old and some new, to Exhibit, Create, and Preserve the cinematic experience for all.

Much love from all of us.

What We’re Asking Of You

First, a word of thanks for all you have given us thus far. Your encouragement, donations, and positivity have kept us afloat during this time. We want you to feel safe and appreciated in our space. We are reopening because of you. You are so important to us. 

Please follow the rules we have posted.

We also would like to ask you to maybe be a little extra patient with us as we all get our routines down. We definitely want you to feel free to let us know how we can improve, but in addition, if you could please offer up a bit of grace as we get going, that would be amazing. We are all trying so hard. Many of us at the front-of-house are new and learning our way.

Thank you so much. 

What’s Up With The Tower

We’re busy refreshing and enhancing the Tower; however, due to supply-chain issues, a few of our projects are still in motion and will not be completed in time to open the doors just yet. We don’t anticipate a long delay. We’ll keep updates on social media and at Continue to follow us, consider donating or becoming a subscriber, and without a doubt, we’d love to see you at the Broadway’s reopening on October 22. 

What Will Happen To SLFS@home

SLFS@home will stay – it’s an important tool in our toolbox

We will continue our independent first-run film curation on the digital screen at (and the national curation we pioneered for @homeArts and the arthouse cinemas around the US).

The digital screen is becoming a vital part of our mission, allowing us to connect to artists in ways we have never been able to before. We can also curate panel discussions there on important societal and cinema arts themes. 

One of our many epiphanies during the pandemic was that not all movie patrons want – or can enjoy – the brick-and-mortar cinema. The home environment can be the favorite theater for some, particularly, but not limited to, those with physical and emotional challenges.

We also learned that we could expand our reach throughout Utah and even globally through presenting our cultural tours programs and even our weekly films online. 

We’ve decided that we like and see value in continuing to be part of the technology-driven virtual future of the film industry.

Other Useful Info You Might Need:

Filméxico is our next cultural program, so save the date for Nov. 12-18. You can enjoy it in theater and on

Studio Backlot Motor Cinema presented by Redman Movies and Stories – Our fall season is complete, but the Motor Cinema is a semi-permanent third venue for SLFS. We’ll let you know when our next films will hit the screen.

Last updated October 19, 2021

Update 10/13/2021: 

Reopening Update: Tower reopening delayed.  We’re busy refreshing and enhancing the Tower daily, however, due to supply-chain issues a few of our enhancements are still in motion and will not be completed in time to open the doors in October. We don’t anticipate a long delay, we’ll keep updates on social media and at  Continue to follow us, consider donating or becoming a subscriber, and without a doubt, we’d love to see you at the Broadway, Oct. 22 for reopening.  

Here’s some photos to show what we’ve been working on at our historic Tower Theatre: 

Update August 2021: 

Grand Reopening October 22!
We have missed you like crazy.
Thank you for your patience with us.

Used to be, showing explosion-free movies for adults was the most courageous thing we had to do.
Now, like you, we’ve had to do a ton of grown-up things since March of 2020. We’d tell you, but it’s boring.

Here’s the cool, interesting stuff we’ve been working on:

Broadway and Tower – We’re finally reopening our dear venues on October 22. We have some fun changes in store for you, like auditorium improvements at the Broadway and a new proscenium at the Tower, plus some surprises. With the current realities of construction material availability and worker scheduling, you may find that some things will still be in progress when we open. For example, we may not open every auditorium at the Broadway on October 22, but we will have plenty of films and auditoriums for you to choose from. We know you’ll understand if there are still some project elements underway. We can’t wait to welcome you back!

We will for sure crank up our awesome popcorn poppers for you! Of course, we will be following all CDC guidelines and we will want you to do the same.

Studio Backlot Motor Cinema presented by Redman Movies and Stories – The Fall season will run August 27 through October 16 with Cult and Horror films on the schedule. Fun fact: Some folks think the Motor Cinema was just a covid-coping idea, and yes, it has served us well in that regard, but the Motor Cinema is a semi-permanent third venue for SLFS. Come have a fright with us!

Here’s a deeper dive into more SLFS goings-on with an SLFS Fall 2021 Update.

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