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SLFS Fall 2021 Update

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Film Availability – This is a bit of an unknown right now. As you know, we’ve been able to keep new films available virtually throughout the pandemic, but it’s been far from a normal time in film world. How the fall season will shake out is anyone’s guess. We’re hoping for some strong new independent cinema celebrating the courage and resilience we have all been trying to model. No matter what, we will be ready with a large curated selection of outstanding independent films that match SLFS patrons’ taste and our mission to exhibit, create, and preserve the independent film experience.

The Future of SLFS@home – We didn’t know when we created SLFS@home that we would want to keep it around post-pandemic, but we do! We’ve learned a lot about what access means to people who for whatever reason are not likely to come into a movie theater and we are so happy to commit to continuing to serve them and anyone else who would choose to stay at home and watch in their pjs. Some of the SLFS@home options might even be designed to enhance your enjoyment of the films you see in our theaters!

@homeArts – Our own Tori Baker, CEO/President, recently hosted Purpose in Action, a summit for the 30+ cinemas and arts organizations on @homeArts, the online platform we created for ourselves in mid-March of 2020 and have since opened up to dozens of independent cinemas around the nation and other arts organizations as well.

Hiring – We need you! We are job planning and we’ll soon be hiring to gear up and reopen. Keep an eye out here for opportunities.

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