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Available Assistive Devices

Salt Lake Film Society now offers a variety of assistive devices to make your cinema experience even better.

Personal Audio Headphone Receiver: Adjustable volume for all movie sound & dialogue.

Personal Audio Headphone Receiver with Descriptions for Vision Loss: Adjustable volume for all movie sound & dialogue. An additional audio track is mixed in with the movie sound where a narrator describes the action. This narration takes place in dialogue-free moments.

Personal Audio Receiver – Hearing Aid Option: For either type of audio receiver above, a neck loop accessory is available for any patron who wears a T-Coil type hearing aid, and prefers not to wear headphones.

Personal Text Display: Placed in any individual seat’s cup holder, it adjusts to your sightline. Available for severely hard of hearing or deaf patrons who need text to know the dialogue and other sounds that are happening.

Open Caption Screenings: Every Wednesday we will be screening all films with Open Captioning. Please note that some films do not have open captioning available.  We’ll let you know if a film does not have open captioning available.