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SLFS Code of Conduct

SLFS Code of Conduct

Read below to see our Code of Conduct for patrons and staff at our venues.  If you have any questions you can email 

SLFS Organization Code of Conduct

SLFS strives to provide a welcoming space for every individual in our community. We uphold a mutual respect for the expression of a multiplicity of ideas and perspectives. We ask that our patrons in turn hold themselves to a high standard of conduct including demonstrating kindness, respect for each other and striving to engage in non-disruptive debate and discussion before or after the film is being shown . 

While disagreement, differing viewpoints, and robust debate are part of what makes the film-going experience at SLFS so valuable, behavior considered inappropriate, in any way violent, abusive, or threatening will not be tolerated and appropriate action will be taken if needed.

SLFS is a strong ally with many minority communities. We hold our staff and board accountable for continually evolving in the work of anti-racism. We strive to make our venues a welcoming and safe harbor for communities in pain due to systemic racism, bigotry, hatred, or discrimination. 

Our core values at SLFS are: 

  • Acting with Professionalism
  • Creating connections 
  • Being welcoming
  • Striving to evolve
  • Demonstrating Innovation 
  • Being Passionate  
  • Being Life-balanced

Patron Code of Conduct

SLFS expects that those who share our spaces will demonstrate:

  • Respect and decency to others at all times. SLFS recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of individuals of all races, ethnicities, gender identities/expressions, differently abled or physically unique bodies, disabilities, sexual orientations, religions, nationalities, languages, economic statuses, and immigration statuses.
  • Respect for the safety and humanity of others. Under no circumstances are unwelcome physical attentions, advances, sexual harassment or stalking permitted on the premises.
  • Respect for the physical and personal space of others. In these times especially, we expect our community to respect other people’s comfort level when it comes to physical space needs. Noticing when people are attempting to stay six-feet apart, are wearing masks, or other cues can help maintain an enjoyable experience for all.
  • Respect for others in the use of speech and language. SLFS reserves the right to remove patrons who exhibit disruptive behavior. In our physical venues and online spaces, SLFS will not engage with, and may block or ban, those who promote speech that includes hate, offensive language, or is abusive (trolling).
  • Respect for all anti-piracy measures to protect the film industry. Piracy threatens the wellness of the art form and the livelihood of film artists. SLFS encourages patrons to refrain from visiting websites that frequently pirate or make available pirated copies of the work of film artists.
  • Respect for the physical space. SLFS works hard to keep the Broadway and Tower spaces clean, welcoming. safe and even engaging. Please respect this work and our spaces.  Notify a manager on duty if you see something in the venue that needs to be cleaned, improved, or reported as damaged.

If you experience or witness any inappropriate conduct while in our physical venues, please report the incident to a manager on duty. If you see inappropriate conduct online, please email us at