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Tower Theatre Update


The Tower Theatre won't be open in 2023 but read below for our planning update.

Our deep gratitude goes out to all who have inquired about and have continued to love the Tower. We know how important the Tower is to cinematic preservation and consequently to the 9th and 9th community. Throughout 2022, and into this year, your continued support in attending SLFS films and events at our Broadway location, and your donations in support of our mission to exhibit, create, and preserve the art of cinema, has been a key success factor in building a future for the Tower. We know that many of you feared the Tower might close permanently. We’re happy to say that SLFS is 100% committed to the preservation of this unique and wonderful gem of a venue. 


Tori signing resized smaller
Tori Baker, CEO/President, signs for ownership of The Tower Theatre in December 2022.

SLFS has been operating the Tower Theatre since we formed our nonprofit 23 years ago. As a donor-supported cinema, we continued with relatively short leases which renewed repeatedly. There were restrictions on what we could do with the building since we did not own it. We are happy to announce that in December of 2022, and thanks to a generous grant from Alternative Visions Fund, SLFS has purchased the Tower Theatre location. 


This is monumental to the preservation mission goals of SLFS. We intend to ensure cinematic adventures continue at the Tower for generations to come. The Tower has always been part of our founding story, and our mission. By securing the building ownership, SLFS and our allies can now look towards neighborhood collaboration to build a vision that preserves the unique character of the Tower, supports the 9th & 9th economic viability, and harnesses the archive video/DVD collection for film preservation and education. 


This purchase allows for the Tower to have a fresh start. Therefore, we are happily turning away from previously-reported cosmetic improvement plans to begin serious long-term visioning for the Tower. We’ve named our new initiative “Tower Theatre: The Next 100 years.”


Our inspiration is to repair and renovate the 1928 Tower Theatre as an environmentally responsible hub for cultural, nostalgic, modern, and uncensored cinematic experiences. As an economic and cultural anchor in 9th and 9th , the Tower will remain a safe haven for underrepresented voices and individuals who love to explore new ideas and tastes through the cinematic lens. 


This treasured movie theater, the oldest single-screen in Utah dedicated solely to film, represents a cultural cinematic landmark that demands to be preserved for future generations. SLFS intends to trailblaze environmental responsibility in theatrical exhibition and serve community through historic, contemporary, unique technological film screenings, plus offer and grow our world-class and highly rare archive. Additionally, we plan to provide museum-like exhibits that access nostalgia for our past and celebrate the future of the medium of film. 


Embarking on this adventure will take time, stakeholder support, and fundraising.  We do not anticipate the Tower opening in 2023 for this reason.  However, you may see us making some essential repairs throughout the process. We will keep the public posted. Through this visioning process we are committed to protecting the Tower’s legacy and remaining true to the spirit of the Tower.  SLFS has always had the Tower at the heart of our cinematic mission and will continue to honor its texture, personality, and purpose throughout the visioning process. After all, the first cinema in Utah to have air-conditioning, and talkies, deserves to see the light of the projector lamp never go dark.  


SLFS has formed an advisory committee of stakeholders and local business leaders to help envision the future of the Tower and what is possible regarding environmental and neighborhood sustainability.  SLFS plans to make the Tower renovations a community project that includes engaging local business at 9th and 9th, checking in with neighbors (you may be hearing from us soon), stakeholders, and patrons, and igniting the passion of cinema-lovers from far and wide.  We will update the public with current news periodically on this web page and through our social media channels.


Taking on the Tower project in a  post-pandemic arts recovery climate is ambitious. Still, SLFS firmly commits to visioning for the Tower’s next 100 years. Our goal is for the Tower to be Salt Lake Film Society’s premiere film venue for director/actor Q&A’s, cultural and environmental films, panel discussions, archival film access, and various SLFS film programs that support the appreciation for the motion picture arts. We are home to the largest video/DVD archive collection in Utah. The Tower is made by community for community, and will remain accessible to all, a movie house and visiting center where people can learn about and talk about their love of cinema.  


  1. Tower Marquee: 

The Tower Marquee was retrofitted to repair the rain leaks, protect new electrical installations, and to improve the rain/weathering.  This repair can only be seen from the top of the marquee, but was essential. 

  1. Rain Gutters: 

New rain gutters were installed, allowing for more efficient drainage from the rooftop, assisting with water collection and leaking issues.  

  1. Roofing repairs

Along with rain gutter repairs, roofing repairs have taken place that have sealed the exterior. 

  1. Interior sealing: 

Interior sealing of brick, concrete and water entry points has been completed 

  1. Lobby: 

Demolition of the lobby has been completed, allowing access to plumbing and electrical that will be needed for a new lobby layout as well as planning steps towards an ADA accessible bathroom. 


At this time, we are reaching out to foundational donors. If you, your business or estate would like to be involved in the Tower Theatre: Next 100 Years project, please contact Marcie Collett at 

We can arrange a tour, answer your questions and introduce you to the community team working on the project.

Our sincere gratitude to all who have donated, who have engaged with us, and who continue to love the mission work at SLFS to exhibit, create, and preserve the cinematic experience. 

With love, 

SLFS staff, board, advisory committees, and volunteers at SLFS

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In The Can with Doug Fabrizio starts April 20

Salt Lake Film Society partners with University of Utah department of Film and Media Arts and KUER’s RadioWest host Doug Fabrizio to bring you a conversation about THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS. This month’s special guest will be University of Utah Associate Professor of Film Studies Sarah Sinwell. Admission includes a screening of the film followed by a live panel discussion.

Join us for this one night only special event! Tickets are now available here.

Valentine’s at SLFS

Valentine’s Day is coming up soon (or some us just consider it any other day, which is cool) so here’s some SLFS offerings available to all.

Need a film to watch? You can find staff recommendations in our latest blog entry here:

Marquee which says SLFS STAFF RECOMMENDS FOR VALENTINE'S DAY" in black and red text with paper hearts flowing up the right side.

Also you can find the films mentioned in this blog on our Letterboxd here:

SLFS is on Letterboxd! Follow us there for more movie recommendations.

And finally here’s some SLFS themed Valentine’s Day cards that you can give to your favorite movie-goer:

Arthouse Audience Survey

UPDATE: This survey is now closed. We will contact winners via email in the next week.

It’s that time of year… We need your help! We want you to tell us what you think you need and want from your movie-going experience, and how we might improve.

Help us out by filling out this Arthouse Survey by 10/23. Click on the link, fill it out, and you’ll be added to a drawing for $50 certificate and two $25 certificates:

Thank you so much for taking your time to fill this out. SLFS is looking for ways to continue bringing the best in cinema to SLC.

SLFS Land Acknowledgement

New Website, Same SLFS

Welcome to our new website! It’s a bit different but we’re still the same SLFS.  

If you’re looking for films and showtimes then head over to Watch and check out our new Showtimes page. You’ll see a search bar and filter buttons that can help narrow down by location.  By clicking on the orange colored showtime or the picture you will be taken to for tickets and more info.   

Need information on our Red Carpet Club? Sponsorships? Mast? Other cool opportunities? Head over to Engage and you’ll find ways to get involved with SLFS. 

Looking for news and updates? Head over to Learn and find what you’re interested in.  

And, finally, you can Donate by clicking on the upper right. 

Thank you for all of your support.

How To Buy Tickets on

How To Use Our New Online SLFS Ticketing Service – Step-by-Step

Get tix and showtimes for all in theater screenings at

Want To Buy Tickets? We have a new system so let us help you below.

Here’s how you can get tickets online for Broadway in theater screenings:

1. Head over to (if you aren’t already there!)

2. Sign In to your account, or set up a new account.  If you have used our before then you won’t need to set up an account, just SIGN IN using your email.  Otherwise you will need to set up an account, but you’ll only need to do it this first time and then you’ll be set.  

2. Click on movie on the right side

3. Click on Get tickets +donate underneath the trailer

4. Pick your showtime and and buy tickets.

Thank you for your patience since this is a new system and we’re still working out the kinks.  If you have any questions or issues you can email  You will also be able to buy tickets online inside the theater lobby at the Broadway.  

Give The Gift Of Cinema

Go to and click “Give the gift of cinema” in the upper right corner.  Choose how many recipients and then how many tickets.  Then enjoy giving amazing cinema experiences to friends and family! 

Open Caption Wednesdays

Open Caption, All Films, Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday we will be screening all films with Open Captioning.  This is a part of our mission to provide independent film to all in our community. Please note that some films do not have open captioning available.  We’ll let you know if a film does not have open captioning available.